Mrs. Franks' 6th Grade Monster Marsh

Welcome to our marsh!

 Monster Mania in 6th Grade!!

Halloween Theme Songs - Monster Mash.mp3

At Appalachian School, nestled inside the elementary wing of the long hall, lies a monster marsh.  A marsh so scary, so creepy that no one wants to enter.   Only the bravest sixth graders, enter inside the marsh.  If you ever get brave enough......COME ON IN!!!

Ok, so our marsh is not scary and creepy, but it is a very fun place to be.  Inisde this marsh, each student gets their own monster to move through our Monster University by earning AR points.  Every two weeks we have a "Monster Moving Ceremony" to see who gets to move their monster.  We work hard while we are at the marsh so when we leave sixth grade, the students are fully prepared for whatever adventure that lies ahead.  And when all of our work is done.....we do the mash...the MONSTER MASH!!!!